Here’s what I know to be true…

When you know exactly what your ideal clients want,
when you know how to get them to want it from you,
and when you believe the transformation you provide is your version of the cure for cancer….

THAT, is when you will attract consistent clients.


Here’s what I know to be true…

When you know exactly what your ideal clients want,
when you know how to get them to want it from you,
and when you believe the transformation you provide is your version of the cure for cancer….

THAT, is when you will attract consistent clients.

Listen up….I know you’ve got the goods, so the reason you’re not booked up with clients isn’t because you suck at what you do.

My guess is you could use some help with how to put yourself, your message, and your offers out there in this overcrowded coaching world without getting overlooked and instead getting fully booked.

Maybe you haven’t yet mastered how to capture your ideal client’s’ attention and pull at their heartstrings so they can’t help but want you as their coach.


I bring to you the best of my 15+ years of psychology expertise to help you…

step up with confidence in your zone of genius,
stand out from the crowd as an in-demand brand,
and attract consistent clients that pay what you command.


My Psychology of Client Attraction™ Framework is based on proven persuasion principles and psychology strategies that will get you the results you’ve been
waiting for.

Not to mention, my system is created by a legit psychology expert–just saying.

I’ll show you how to use buyer psychology and persuasion science to get your ideal clients to see you, hear you, and go crazy over your stuff.

I’ll show you the secrets to how clients make buying decisions so you don’t have to worry about getting fully booked anymore.

Your dream clients won’t have to think twice about choosing you instead of Suzie Q.

You see, my client attraction methods are based on simple psychology, persuasion strategies, and incomparable experiences as a licensed psychologist, behavioral scientist, professor, and business owner who has helped transform literally hundreds of lives.

I will meet you exactly where you are in your business. I will show up 110% in full support of your success so long as you show up, too.


With my expertise and guidance,
you will know how to:

• create an in-demand brand that attracts perfect-for-you clients

• make your message resonate with your ideal clients and know how to position yourself persuasively as THE best solution to their problem

• create catchy content that spreads like wildfire without being glued to social media

• use curiosity triggers so your ideal clients keep craving your offers and raving about you to their biz bffs

• build your authority, credibility, and likeability with seductive social proof

• use emotion and logic the right way so clients convince themselves to buy from you

• trigger the top emotions that get clients running to hand over their credit card without being sneaky about it. Eww.

• create perfect offers that answer your ideal clients’ prayers so they won’t hesitate to pay you for it

• qualify leads so you don’t waste your precious time talking to those that aren’t ready to buy

• boost your sales with persuasive pricing tactics that most coaches don’t know about

• strategically use complimentary coaching calls to convert clients consistently

• create a sleaze-less sales call system that is objection-proof

In less than a week after my intensive, I booked 2 discovery calls! 

I consulted with Dr. Lizette because I was struggling to get clients. She made me feel understood and more confident in my business. She didn’t try to push anything on me that I did not feel good about. I’ve spoken with many business coaches trying to sell me their services but Lizette was the first coach that understood me and did not try to force me to do anything that was not genuine just to make a sale.

Jessica, Happiness Coach

Struggling to get clients

I have been struggling to get clients on a call. I knew something was wrong in my structure and the way I was building my business, but I didn’t know which area that was. I now understand where I need to focus on. This is massive for me as I had been trying to fix all the areas at once, Lizette showed me specifically which areas were the ones that could be causing me the most issues and how to help me overcome these issues.

Kelly, Mindset Coach

I just didn’t know how to position myself with confidence. 

Lizette helped me to own my talents and skills and come to the table with clarity and confidence so i could better serve my clients. She helped me see that sales is tightly related to psychology so anyone who wants to effectively sell their services should talk to Lizette. She will help you look at things from your customers’ perspective and give you the unique tools that will make your message resonate better with them.

Linda, Empowerment Coach

I haven’t seen anyone in the online space have this type of experience and approach.

What can I say about working with Lizette…..she is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal! She KNOWS her stuff when it comes to getting into the mind of your ideal clients. Not only does she show you how to stand out in front of them, but also show them that you are the right one to work with! Her extensive training as a psychologist makes her the perfect go to person for client attraction. If you are not ready to book out your coaching calendar, then she is NOT the right person for you! However, if you are ready, then you NEED to contact her TODAY.

Mayra, Money Coach

• you are a fast action-taker, know what you want, and are ready to make it happen

• you have a set of skills that people would be willing to pay for

• you are willing to invest in yourself and your business

• you are open to taking calculated risks and challenging yourself outside your comfort zone

• you are open to feedback and are willing to think outside the box


We are a no-go if…

• you are not motivated or determined to succeed

• you are looking for a magic pill for how to get rich quick

• you are just not willing to persevere through challenges

• you make excuses for not doing what it takes to get the results you want

Want to find out how I can help you go from invisible to irresistible?


Let’s Talk!

Your dream clients are out there waiting for you. Now let’s bring them to you.

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