The other day over in my Facebook group, The Ambitious Female Coach, I posted a powerful yet simple tip on the RIGHT way to attract clients.

It basically comes down to focusing on…

  • connections before conversions
  • relationships before revenue
  • serving before selling


  • knowing WHAT to give for free and what you should charge for instead
  • knowing WHEN (and how) to invite them to learn how to work with you

And the question I often get asked is, “Lizette, but how do I know what to give for free and what to charge for instead?”

Here’s what I have to say to that…

Although I don’t follow a clear-cut formula (it’s both an art & science), I suggest you identify ONE mini thing to give that is of value for your ideal client and that gives them a taste of what working with you would be like.

Why just one thing? Because…

  • you want your ideal client to experience a quick win because of YOU and to taste what could be possible if they worked with you even further.
  • if you give too much, they might either:
    •  feel overwhelmed and not do anything with what you gave them (and you miss out on a potential client)
    •  feel like you solved their problem and therefore see no need to buy from you at that point (and you miss out on a potential client)

With free, the goal–aside from building your trust & lust factor–is to give your ideal client a mini-dose of what getting started with solving their problem FEELS like through a quick win thanks to you, so that you compel them to want more of what you have to offer…paid, of course.

Here’s what that might look like…

1) Free PDF

  • Example topic: “5 ways to build a daily mindset practice that you actually enjoy”
  • Paid offer could be teaching them more in-depth mindset strategies and work through their mindset blocks

2)  Free Training

  • Show them WHAT the problem is and WHY it’s a problem
  • Paid offer could be the HOW to solve the problem with your help

3) Free Call

  • Assess their problem and give them one mini step they can take to work on the problem
  • Paid offer solves the problem completely with your help

What about you?

How do you show your value and give your ideal client a taste of your transformation?

Do you have a freebie that showcases you and what it would be like for your ideal client to get even more value through your paid offer?

And most importantly, is your freebie strategically created so that it actually does attract clients to you even more?

Because after all, you’re in business to influence lives AND receive income for the transformation you provide like nobody else.

Let me know.

Hit Comment and tell me what’s your strategy for transitioning from free to paid successfully. And if you need help with this, I’ve got your back. I’ll respond with some tips to help you attract clients.

~ Lizette

Psychology of Client Attraction Expert