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The Psychology of Client Attraction™ Checklist: 4 Steps to Captivate Your Ideal Client's Heart 

Know exactly what she wants and easily get her to say "OMG! Where do I sign up?!" 

"I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong because I know the content and I know I can help them, so where are the clients?"

Hi, I'm Dr. Lizette and I help ambitious women like you get inside your ideal client's mind, so she can't help but want you as her coach--like, yesterday.

Dr Lizette

Look, I know what you’re going through.  

You open Facebook and get slapped in the face by coaches raving about getting yet another paying client.  

.... while you're overwhelmed trying to be everywhere at once to get in front of these clients (and maintain it.)  

And every day it’s getting harder for you to stand out from the endless crowd of coaches.  

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to be booked out with clients-- consistently?  

Imagine every month you get a new client to replace the client that just successfully finished.  

Imagine you know the money is coming in and you don’t have to be in front of your computer 24/7 trying to be visible.  

Here's the thing though...  

If you don’t get known as THE must-have coach, you don’t get clients.  

I can show you how to get your ideal client to choose you instead of Susie Q.  

My secret weapon is my incomparable psychology expertise.  

I've RESEARCHED human behavior as a Nationally Recognized Behavioral Scientist.  

I've TAUGHT behavioral change principles to Psychologists-in-Training as a Professor.  

I've APPLIED psychology tactics to help 100s of clients as a Licensed Psychologist.  

And for you, I can help you use Buyer Psychology to captivate your prospects’ hearts and get consistent clients.  

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